History of ATECH History of ATECH

ATECH Antriebstechnik GmbH - A success story since 1986

The company ATECH was founded in 1987 by Christl and Helmut Gäbelein and employed today arround 40 people.
In the meantime the company is continued in the second generation. In spring 2013 Mrs. Renate Gäbelein took over the company shares. Since July 2010 Mrs. Renate Gäbelein and Mr. Anton Eberharter shares the management of ATECH. Since 1999, ATECH has been certified to ISO 9001, since 2012 als as an authorized AEO-F operator. In 2013 ATECH was certified as an authorized AEO-F operator, as an well-known consignor for airfreight and as an approved exporter.

The first company years were settled in Burghausen. The company ATECH grew with its tasks so in 1997 it moved to the industrial area Lindach in Burghausen. Also the numbers of employees increased. Up to 21 employees were employed at this time.

The increasing electrification and the increasing order situation necessitated an new move. On the Fuggerstrasse in Mehring, not far from the current location, ATECH found an new location.

In the course of time the number of employees rose to more than 30.

Our sales office in Braunschweig, Germany, was opened in 2005. Here you can still meet Mr. Peter Richter with advice and action.

In 2006, the company ATECH was bought 2 buildings, only a few hundred meters away from the location in the Fuggerstrasse. In factory 2 the mechanics and repair department found improved work conditions. 420m² as an administrative and storage area and an additional seperate warehouse with approx. 120m² were added.

Today, the factory 2 is adjacent to the ATECH main building.

Today, ATECH is one of the leading companies in component development and motion technology for battery-electric powered industrial vehicles, of ground support equipment (GSE), robots, driverless transport systems, locomotives and other tracked vehicles, forklifts and trucks, ships and many other applications. The electric wing adjustment of wind power plants is assuming an ever-increasing significance.

The main strength of the company is the development and construction, as well as production of complete systems for all above applications. In addition, the company's revitalization of existing vehicles and systems as weel as the special construction and equipment of very high-quality, extremly demanding special vehicles and equipment for various industrial applications, drive and movement systems for opera stages and open air scenes for events of leading german automotive manufactures.

As early as 1995, ATECH developed and produced, together with corresponding vehicle manufactures, hybrid drive systems. Almost at all European airports and in many large industrial plants, hybrid vehicles and hybrid front-end systems are used in a hard daily operation. The ATECH solution is equipped in several thousand units and vehicles and the ATECH hybrid system has also been implenented in some countries outside of Europe.

Also the mobile offroad area, for example the use of our components in agricultural and construction equipment is gaining in importance. The electrification of the secondary aggregates increased the energy efficiency of the vehicles.

In 2008 ATECH started to engage in the field of wind energy. ATECH pitch systems control the electrical wing adjustment for the performance control of wind energy systems of various sizes and have received a lot of attention worldwide.

ATECH also set the course for the future. ATECH invested in a new building and moved into the new business location in summer 2012 in the industrial area Mehring Hohenwart. The primary goal was to create optimal working conditions for all employees. Thus, a modern crane and lifting device was installed, a roller track for the shipping area was installed and an in-house engine test stand was integrated.

In the rooms, the management not only emphasized functionality. Rather,the new building should be a place for employees and business partners to feel comfortable.