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The 7th generation ACS motor controllers

AC Superdrive (ACS) is a family of inverters/motor controllers with power levels from 5 to 50kVA , designed for nominal voltages between 24V and 80V. The ACS is developed with traction, hydraulic pump and generator applications in mind which makes it an ideal choice for most battery-powered electric vehicles.

The 7th generation ACS features very high power density. The logic platform, which is common to the entire power electronics range of Inmotion, offers unparalleled flexibility in software customization, as well as adherence to demanding functional safety requirements.

All ACS feature CAN bus communication and have extended I/O option for standalone operation, or to facilitate distribution of vehicle control and I/O functionality in an overall system.

Some models are available as dual (AC + AC) or combi controllers (AC traction + DC pump).


  • Rugged design suitable for the demanding environment of electric vehicles.
  • Protected against ingress of dust and water to IP65.
  • Powerful ARM processor and operating system allows parallel execution of customized vehicle control tasks and motor control tasks
  • I/O version allows vehicle control to reside in the ACS, directly interfacing vehicle sensors and actuators
  • Software Quality is assured through development and review processes compliant to Automotive SPICE® and ISO 13849-1
  • Industry standard CANopen and J1939 protocols for reliable communication in the vehicle
  • Extensive and powerful event handling and data logging simplifies troubleshooting and minimizes vehicle down time
  • Supports AC induction, AC synchronous, brushless DC motors. Selected models have optional DC motor output
  • Standard firmware with built-in support for traction, pump or generator applications, including functions such as hill-hold, programmable braking/acceleration characteristics, dual-traction, and best performance curve
  • Auto tuning functionality for pairing the controller with a motor already installed in a vehicle
  • Limitation of the output as a function of motor speed, motor and controller temperature, battery voltage, DC power and/or motor torque to protect powertrain components
  • State of the art vector control with optimal efficiency throughout the full speed range
  • Dual CPUs and dual feedback channels for redundant cross monitoring and supervision allows ISO13849-1, cat. 3 implementation of safety functions to achieve PL=c/d

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AC SuperDrive Generation 7

Dimensions: Dimensions on data sheet

Input voltage - max. power (A rms):
24V - 350 / 550A
36V - 350 / 900A
48V - 280 / 900A
80V - 230 / 700A

24V - 350 / 550A
UL 583 and EC declaration of incorporation of partly completed machinery according to directive 2006/42/EC and 2014/30/EU i.e. C-standard EN 1175-1 and EN 12895

Data sheet