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Pallet truck with electric steering

The requirements:

Scissor lift with stroke of 650mm to 1.450mm. Patch roles with electric drive. Signal transmission between the vehicle and STOPA – pallet racking system by using optical data. Scan of positions and sharing functions monitoring by PLC controller. Safety blinds on all four sides of the lift table.

Powered elevating transporter

The requirements:

Electric pedestrian pallet truck with a powerful 48 Volt 4.5KW AC motor, mounted centrally, 2 support wheels (spring loaded, Vulkollan), load wheels (Vulkollan, sprung tandem twin, diameter 340mm). Electric tiller steering, steering angle limited to 85°, load capacity 20.000kg, fork length 2600mm


The requirements:

Electric four-way side loader is rail guided or moved freely to the furnace feed. Equipped with special heat protection, flexible use of the device and automatic opening of the furnaces by remote control.