Case history Flash Battery / Platform Basket in the railway segment


When collaborations become true synergies, then ideas and projects at the cutting edge of technology come to life. One example is the latest railway machine for combined road/rail use developed by Italian aerial platform leader Plaftorm Basket in collaboration with our partner Flash Battery. A full-electric application capable of equalling a similar endothermic model in efficiency, performance and autonomy, with the ability to operate in environments that are extremely restrictive in terms of safety, noise and polluting emissions.

"Right from the beginning it was clear that we shared the same values. We have always developed our batteries focusing on the highest quality, which translates first and foremost into reliability and long life: the same traits that distinguish Platform Basket products. Designing the right battery for each of their models was therefore a process that naturally developed over time. One of the challenges of the railway segment was to fit the battery into the existing layout of these machines, which was complicated by the presence of elements such as rail anchors, tyres and an insulated mechanical arm in order to perform work on the high-voltage lines. We were able to find the right solution thanks to the modularity of our batteries and our ability to customise their shape and size according to the space available on the machine".

Matteo Marmai - Business Development Manager of Flash Battery

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