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With the industry’s most advanced components and system solutions, Inmotion delivers unmatched flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the electric lift truck market.


Until today we have supplied more than 1.5 million inverters to customers around the world.

Better performing, more efficient vehicles

Inmotion’s AC systems offer precise feel, smooth direction changes, superior electrical efficiency and regeneration, combined with minimal maintenance. These features allow reduced battery sizes, longer operating times and increased vehicle ranges – with more compact and reliable lift trucks and less downtime.

Seamless integration

With Inmotion we will offer you an complete set of flexible building blocks to enable seamless integration of your vehicle’s traction, lift, steering and vehicle controls. A global team of application engineers will help you accelerate product innovation and time to market—supporting you through the entire vehicle lifecycle from project initiation to end of series production. So you can be quick to market today, and easily add functionality tomorrow.


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