Safety through experience

The following facts favour an ATECH low-voltage pitch system:

  • High power density and smallest design
  • Industrial standard of the components
  • Serial production ensures cost-effective components
  • High availability
  • Constant high quality standards
  • Production volume of the components is above 100.000 units
  • Highest reliability
  • High flexibility thanks to modular design
  • For system ratings of 1 – 6 Mega Watt
  • Easy upsizing and downsizing for different sizes
  • Development according to customer-specific requirements
  • Internal experience for design and construction
  • Maintenance-free buffer storage and individual components
  • UL approval for the american market of all main components
  • Easy implementation of the energy storage (Powercap or battery)
  • Support of all state of the art engine technologies
  • Cost-effectiveness due to high efficiency
  • Internal engine production ensures the highest quality using high-quality and proven fans, brakes and encoders
  • A tried and tested pitch system, used by a wide range of customers

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