Lithium batteries and charging technology

Lithium battery systems for mobile working and industrial machines

- Robust - Safe - Efficient -

Lithium-based rechargeable batteries are characterized by their very high specific energy and performance and a
good cycle stability without memory effect.

Lithium-ion battery systems are the future. Here are just some of their advantages:

  • high energy density with 40%
  • less weight compared to lead batteries
  • maintenance-free
  • quick charge in less than 3h
  • longer lifetimes
  • high loading efficiency
  • lithium batteries do not produce gas during charging
  • contamination-free - no cadmium, lead or mercury
  • adaptable design - optimal use of the available installation space
  • low capacity loss at high discharge rates
  • low self-discharge - long-term storage possible
  • high DOD tolerance - charge and discharge as you wish

We offer our customers powerful and inexpensive battery systems, which are characterized by the modular design. They can be adjusted to almost all stationary and mobile applications.


Lithium batteries and chargers:

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