DELTA-Q Batterycharger

DELTA-Q Batterycharger

With Delta-Q we have the leading manufacturer of industrial battery chargers at our side. The high-frequency chargers extend battery life, maximize vehicle operating time and reduce operating costs. Over 1.6 million vehicles are already benefiting from the various product series and performance levels.

IC series: The IC chargers are high-performance chargers for a wide variety of battery-electric vehicles. With the push of a button, users can switch between charge profiles for lead-acid battery chemistry and brands (wet / flooded, sealed AGM, or gel). Lithium-ion applications are supported by connection to a battery management system or a controller via a CAN bus. The overall design of the IC chargers ensures that the machines are operational every day.

RC series: The robust RC chargers are equipped with several charging profiles for lithium-ion and lead-acid (wet, AGM, gel). The CAN bus communication ensures seamless machine integration and the AC / DC cabling is fully customizable.

ICL series: ICL series chargers are designed so that they can optimally charge lithium battery systems with any lithium ion chemistry (e.g. LCO, NCA, NMC, LMO, LFP, LTO) from 9-15 cells in series. The main features include CAN communication (CanOpen or J1939) for seamless integration into the battery management system (BMS) of a vehicle. Compliance with UNECE R10 and touch-safe voltage functions ensure that the ICL chargers meet European standards for electric vehicles.

RQ series: The RQ series is redefining charger quality expectations in the lower-power battery charger market. It is a small, compact, and fully sealed battery charger that is IP66 rated to protect it from intrusion, dirt, water and chemical fluids. The chargers are also tested for automotive grade shock and vibration and are compliant with residential and automotive emissions and immunity. The chargers also use CAN bus communication for telematics and system integration.

QuiQ series:  The versatile design of the QuiQ chargers offers manufacturers flexibility and battery charging performance. They can be used on-board as well as off-board and contain up to 10 optimized charging profiles for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. All chargers of the QuiQ series have an identical, robust design and IP66 protection so that, depending on the required output power and voltage, they can easily be used on all machine platforms.

XV series: The XV series is the best-in-class, 3-in-1 charging system. It is compact, scalable and reliable - an ideal charging solution for powertrain electrification! The chargers are integrated with a 3.3 kW high-performance charger, a optional 500 W DC-DC converter and an optional EV charging station (EVSE) interface and optimally charge all battery chemistries and nominal voltages between 48 V to 96 V with a low-voltage charging system. Easily parallel these chargers to provide 3.3 kW up to 10 kW of power. Charge from standard EV AC charging stations across Europe and North America.


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