Flash Battery blog article about FLASH DATA CENTER 4.0


Today we live in the age of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning, in which our needs are analysed to create products and services that through artificial intelligence bring real benefit to those who use them. Ahead of its time, this is what our Partner Flash Battery has been putting into practice for the past 10 years, producing not only high quality customized lithium batteries for industrial machines and electric vehicles, but also creating Flash Data Center: an automatic and real timeremote data control software capable of carrying out self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance on Flash Battery lithium battery systems worldwide, thus avoiding costly downtime and increasing vehicle productivity.

Flash Data Center constantly acquires, records, and processes data, ensuring real machine use optimization, predictive maintenance and, most importantly, ever more intelligent lithium batteries. But in what way are the data analysed by Flash Data Center, and what are the specific benefits for industrial applications?

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