Flash Battery - Custom Battery for Agriculture


Today @Flash Battery tells us about a custom high-voltage battery project carried out for a full-electric feed mixer in the agricultural machinery sector. Limited available space on the vehicle made it necessary to design a customized battery comprising two distinct units of equal size.


Here is the identikit:

- Ad hoc mechanical design

- 4G system

- Temperature range -15°C to + 45°C

- HVIL safety system and insulation monitoring

- Integrated pre-charge circuit

- IP65 enclosure

- Standard automotive CCS Combo with dedicated 30 kW charging column

"In engineering terms, this agricultural electrification project succeeded in coherently matching the customer's needs and technical R&D requirements with the skills of Flash Battery through open dialogue and a streamlined process. It is inspiring for us to see how electrification is reaching ever more diversified market segments, like animal feeding, which is enthusiastically embracing lithium".

Matteo Marmai - Flash Battery's Business Development Manager

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