IVT Article on construction + lifting actual electrification trends


The lifting and construction sectors are among those betting the most on electrification. The latter, especially, focuses on compact vehicles with high-voltage batteries and high-power capacities, which better reflect the work requirements of construction machines, such as heavy duty side loaders and concrete trucks working in building sites.

As far as lifting is concerned, the trend is moving towards the electrification of small-size applications, with batteries in the 5kWh to 100kWh range. What's more, the increasing demand for hybrid systems is coming into play and it is especially evident in the articulated crane and mini-crane segment. Here the machines work in battery-powered full-electric mode but also have the option to incorporate a range extender in the form of a motor-generator. Are you interested in discovering the advantages?

Our partner Flash Battery discusses it on IVT: Link to article