Flash Battery custom battery 2023 construction industry


Among the most challenging custom battery packs that our partner Flash Battery studied for the construction sector there is the Flash Battery 102.4V - 300Ah - 30.7kWh made for a full-electric mini crawler excavator.

What are its main features ?

Customised mechanical design
Structure resistant to mechanical stresses typical of the sector
⚡ Integrated heating system
On-board slow charging and off-board fast charging possible
⚡ Diagnostics with 4G integration possibility for remote control

A project with a very high level of customisation, which allowed the development of a battery offering high energy density in a small space, while at the same time meeting all the needs of the vehicle to ensure optimised performance. This is a clear sign that the cosntruction sector has definitely taken a step towards the electrification of increasingly challenging projects:

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