A partnership that revolutionizes the field of electrification


With the aim of offering complete packages for electrification with lithium batteries of the latest generation, suitable for the production of components of a wide range of industrial applications of the German markets, a partnership between Flash Battery and ATECH Antriebstechnik was founded.

Due to the increasing demand for electrification in various industries, the partnership aims to offer complete electrification packages in German-speaking countries with latest generation lithium batteries perfectly suited for battery manufacturing.

The combination of an experienced system integrator with the No.1 lithium battery manufacturer in Italy ensures high quality, product reliability and a solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

With the help of the unique monitoring and management system called Flash Data Center, constant control and maintenance of all parameters of the battery is enabled. Combined with the Flash Balancing System, a fast balancing system with high performance, the Flash Battery is the advanced lithium battery for all requirements.

Through the lithium battery, the customer is assured of active support in all planning phases of the electrification project.

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