8 Production Steps to the special Lithium Pack


It takes 8 production steps to manufacture a lithium battery, all of which are tailored to the customer.


1. Project feasibility analysis

At first, the sales team analyzes the needs of the customer to find an initial solution to the problem.


2. Collection of information and completion of the order form

The order form contains specifications for the operation of the battery, the mechanical dimensioning as well as the connection technology.


3. Provisional order confirmation

The confirmation defines the various processing steps and contains the dates concerning the production and delivery of the battery.


4. Drawing up and sending of the supply specification

A technical project file containing electrical and mechanical features is specified here.


5. Supply specification approval and modifications update

The customer approves of the specifications and asks for possible adjustment


6. Completion of the project technical folder

Afer the approval, the customization team completes the technical documents.


7. Sending of the order confirmation with the final delivery date


8. Battery pack production and testing

The battery pack is manufactured according to the specification and then tested to check the charge and discharge cycles.


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