Acquisition of BlueBotics by ZAPI GROUP


ZAPI GROUP has acquired BlueBotics, including the shares held by investor Forestay Capital. “We are highly impressed with the performance of BlueBotics’ navigation solutions, the depth of its team’s expertise, its strong brand, and its global customer base.” said Giannino Zanichelli, president of ZAPI GROUP.

BlueBotics, a global leader in natural navigation for driverless transport vehicles and autonomous mobile robots, has been acquired by ZAPI GROUP, a manufacturer of electronic cruise control, electric motors, battery chargers and related products for electric and hybrid vehicles. According to Giannino Zanichello, president of ZAPI GROUP, this move strengthens ZAPI in the field of automated vehicles and allows the company to expand its product range for the benefit of its customers. BlueBotics also emphasizes the benefits of the acquisition: stronger expansion worldwide, establishing new contacts with potential partners and better support for customers.


A global leader with extensive systems experience in electrification, leading innovation and driving customer success, ZAPI GROUP today has more than 1,500 employees worldwide and combined annual sales of approximately $600 million.