Li-Ion-Batteries on customer projects


The 51.2 V - 300 Ah 15.3 kWh Flash Battery, created for a telehandler in the construction sector, is our custom battery of the month.

Let’s discover its vital stats:

⚡ A compact design with an irregular shape allows it to be installed in very narrow compartments
⚡ Custom components designed to be positioned in strategic points in the vehicle, optimizing connections in small spaces
⚡ On-board battery charger for slow single-phase charging
⚡ Possibility of fast charging for intensive use, with three-phase 18 kW charger that allows for a 50% charge in 30 minutes.

"The big challenge in this case was to assist our client in their first steps towards electrification, with the development of a complex mechanism that was optimised ad-hoc for a very tight space. Thanks to the excellent relationship already established between the two R&D departments for a previous prototype delivery, we were selected to develop this second battery back. It was created in total cooperation with our client, who shared with us the machine frame on which we developed the structure that housed the 16-kWh battery."

Matteo Marmai, Business Development Manager of Flash Battery

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