Pitch systems

ATECH - your partner for customized pitch systems

ATECH is your partner for individual, tailor-made, customer-specific pitch systems and pitch products in the low voltage range for both onshore and offshore wind turbines from 200kW to 6MW.

Our pitch solutions are already used worldwide and have proven their worth for many years. Due to the optimal adaptation to the current wind speed and the torque of the drive shaft, we guarantee a highly efficient reliable solution for your wind turbines. They are designed to meet the exact customer requirements. Our ATECH pitch system guarantees a long service life and an extremely low maintenance effort

  • More than 24,000 turbines are in operation worldwide
  • Low maintenance
  • Partner of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers
  • Years of experience



The ATECH pitch system for low-voltage, regulates the angle of the blades of wind turbines, thus guaranteeing an optimal energy yield and safe operation of the wind turbine at all times. Each pitch system can be individually adapted to your requirements. Even in case of strong winds, extreme climatic conditions or in offshore regions – we will find an optimal solution for your application.

The ATECH pitch system consists of the following main components:

  • Pitch Inverter
  • Power Supply
  • Backup capacitator system (Low voltage Design)
  • SPS
  • Power surge protection
  • DC/DC-converter


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With the ACE-3, ZAPI brings its industry-leading experience in asynchronous control technology to bear and offers a flexible and robust product. This model is designed to drive an asynchronous or synchronous motor with an output of up to 20kW.

Depending on the application, this model can handle most of the vehicle control via the configurable integrated I/O.

The field-updatable firmware can be fully adapted to OEM specifications or a CANopen solution can be supplied to provide extensive flexibility.

The ACE-3 is configured to operate asynchronous motor technologies such as AC induction. This model is compatible with incremental encoder signals to determine motor speed feedback.

This ZAPI motor controller comes standard with CANBUS communication, flash programming and the patented ZAPI algorithm and is compatible with ZAPI's standard diagnostic tool.

Technical specifications

Motor Technology Inverter for Asynchronous Motors
Input Voltage 36/48V, 72/80V
Level of Performance High
Aktiv current control generation
Brand ZAPI
Application -

Motor type

AC-induction, AC-synchronous, brushless DC motor



Environmental temperature

-40°C .... +40°C

Input voltage

48 V

80 V

max. current

450 / 600 A

450 / 550 A




with aluminium plate or cooling profile


200 x 230 x 103mm

Digital inputs

5 – 10

Analogue inputs

2 – 5

Incremental encoder inputs


Voltage controlles outputs

2 - 7