Electromobility anywhere.

Whether baggage transport, aircraft tugs or work platforms - our established drive technology is used everywhere here.

Custom made lithium batteries

Regardless of the application - we have the right battery solution for you with products from
FlashBattery. Click here for more informations

Whether electric buses, scooters, cars, trucks

Our products not only support all-electric vehicles, but together with combustion engines they also form an efficient, environmentally friendly and practical hybrid system.

Whether small and agile or large and compact ...

... our product range includes all the components you need for an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Electric and hybrid solutions

Starting with pallet trucks and order pickers, through high rack forklifts and reach trucks,
to tugs and forklifts. We have the right product for you!

Electric mobility in agriculture

Excellent controllability and compact design are only two of the advantages of our components.

Ready for the future

ATECH is one of the leading companies in the development and equipment for battery electric industrial vehicles, airport apron technology and many other areas.

For over 30 years we have established ourselves in the growing market and are internationally recognized as a competent business partner. Our know-how ensures the business success of our customers. This success is mainly due to the cooperation with the ZAPI group of companies. The ZAPI Group, based in Poviglio near Reggio Emilia in Italy, is regarded as a world leader in the design and production of control systems for battery-powered vehicles.

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Development and equipment for battery electric industrial vehicles.

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At ZAPI GROUP we are engineering the global transition to an all-electric future. ZAPI GROUP is a worldwide electrification leader with a highly integrated product portfolio including motion controllers, electric motors, high-frequency battery chargers and autonomous navigation software for application in all-electric and hybrid vehicles. Here you can visit the Youtube channel of ZAPI Group.


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