Which chemistry is most suitable for the electrification of your vehicle?


Lithium batteries are the talk of the town and a growing number of manufacturers of industrial machines and electric vehicles are turning to this technology for the electrification of their fleets in a wide variety of sectors. Lithium batteries, however, are not all the same: there are many lithium chemistries on the market and each one has specific characteristics that make it more or less suitable for different uses.

As a matter of fact, the chemistry alone counts for over 70% of the definition of the correct performance of a lithium battery. Are you already familiar with the 6 most common lithium-based chemicals and what are their special features? We'll give you a hint: LFP, NMC, NCA, LMO, LCO and LTO are the most commonly used lithium chemistries and each of them is perfect for different uses.

In this interesting insight article Flash Battery presents them to us one by one: Link