Customised battery for an electric vehicle


Flash Battery 307.2V 100Ah -30.7kWh is the customised battery pack our partner Flash Battery developed for an heavy duty electric vehicle used for material transport in touristic mountain areas.

"One of the main aspects our team had to consider for the study and subsequent series production of this high-voltage battery was the need to provide optimum performance even in very harsh climatic conditions, such as the alpine ones where the vehicle operates daily. It was therefore decided to use an aluminium case with IP65 sealing, which gives great lightness to facilitate the vehicle's operation on mountain roads and, at the same time, resistance to humidity and corrosion due to the climate. A battery-powered heating system has also been integrated, with the aim of ensuring maximum efficiency even in extreme conditions. Finally, 4G connectivity enables self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance, reducing downtime to zero".

Elisabetta Orlandi - Flash Battery Business Development Manager

Here are some of the main features of this project:

⚡ Custom-made mechanical structure
⚡ Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium case
⚡ Integrated heating system
⚡ 4G connectivity for automatic remote monitoring of battery performance

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