Lithium batteries for electric vehicles rethought - Flash Battery as the ultimate upgrade for your fleet

Nowadays, it is not only electric private vehicles that have to shine with high performance and long endurance at the same time. Numerous companies also place the highest demands on manufacturers of electronic commercial vehicles, whether in the transport sector, the communal sector or the industrial sector.

Longer ranges, fast charging cycles, low maintenance costs - battery systems must not only meet these requirements reliably, but also in the long term.

We will show you how our lithium batteries ensure that the operation and maintenance of your electric vehicles is highly efficient and also economically beneficial.



What are the advantages of using Flash Battery lithium batteries?

Whether it's in the charging process, maintenance, operation and performance - even in the area of technical design - FlashBattery offers an all-around optimized and economical powerhouse to keep your vehicles running permanently and reliably. In the following sections, we go into a little more detail about each of the advantages.


              Opt. charging process balance control system

              Fast charging of the battery is one of the first requirements for its use in practice. We have not only taken this into account in the Flash Battery lithium battery, but also developed it further in a practical way.

              While our lithium battery can be charged to 50% in just 25 minutes, an additional electronic balancing control system ensures efficient control of individual partial charges and discharges.

              The electronic balancing control system ensures the long-term performance of our batteries across the board. A detailed and regular analysis of all important key figures provides the basis for optimal problem solving. In this way, you avoid unnecessary vehicle downtimes or interruptions and ensure an overall cost saving of up to 25% compared to lead-acid batteries!


              + Fast charging
              + Partial charging and discharging possible
              + No memory effect
              + Prevents vehicle breakdowns or downtime
              + Constant steady power


              Easier maintenance without downtime

              Maintenance processes must be carried out as efficiently as possible - ideally without causing complete vehicle downtimes. To avoid such incidents, we have designed our battery to require no maintenance. Here, too, the compensation control system is largely responsible for smooth operation.

              Should extraordinary maintenance still be required, the control system enables direct maintenance on site. This significantly reduces costs and the time frame for waiting and downtime. In addition, shipping costs and any waiting times for maintenance at the manufacturer are completely avoided.

              No separate charging room, no steam extraction system and no demineralization device are required. All these costs are avoided.


              + No maintenance necessary
              + Maintenance costs are saved
              + No downtime


              Improved performance with lightweight design

              In terms of performance, the Flash Battery lithium battery offers a four times longer durability but is built four times lighter than an ordinary lead-acid battery. Nevertheless, it remains stable and reliable in the long term, guaranteeing over 4000 complete charging cycles without any loss of performance over time.

              To ensure safety and durability over a long period of time without sacrificing flexibility, our lithium batteries use only the safest chemical composition available on the current market.

              At only 6kg/kWh (lead-acid batteries can reach up to 30kg/kWh in comparison), it significantly reduces the load on your electric vehicles and thus ensures better overall performance, higher charging capacity and a longer range.


              + Ultra-lightweight design, thus saving vehicle weight
              + Higher capacity and range (four times longer lifetime)
              + Over 4000 charging cycles
              + Balancing system for power optimization


              User-friendly operation and analysis

              A remote control system (Flash Data Center) allows daily checking of battery life cycles, thereby optimizing their management. Long-term battery performance is ensured by the electronic balancing control system. A detailed and regular analysis of all important key figures provides the basis for optimal problem solving and you protect your batteries from unwanted misuse or technical anomalies.

              By using a data center set up for this purpose, all consumption data is monitored. Warnings about errors or misuse by a user are sent immediately to our technical support.

              The corresponding operating portal for communication and analysis can be viewed and operated by both, our experts and the vehicle manufacturer.


              + Remote monitoring
              + Data center for accurate analysis
              + Automatic warning system
              + High efficiency through intelligent process control

              The technology of Flash Battery

              The versatile, innovative and reliable architecture of the Flash Battery lithium battery makes it a true must-have for industrial applications. Enormous power, outstanding flexibility and state-of-the-art maintenance capabilities - for a lifetime.

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