Crimping tools from Anderson



  • Hydraulic and mechanical hand pliers for squeezing
  • Interchangeable press inserts
  • Precise pressing guaranteed - 100% connection of cable and contact


All crimping tools are available in mechanical, hydraulic hand or foot pump technology or in pneumatic design.

Instructions for crimping contacts


A) Contact cross section with the cable cross section:

Make sure that the contact cross section corresponds to the cable cross section.

  • If the cable cross section is too large, the cable would have to be tapered. !Not recommended!
  • If the cable cross section is too small, the contact cross section must be reduced by using reducing sleeves. The best thing to do is to assemble the cable and contact with the same cross-section.


B) Stripping length:

The stripping length of the cable should have the exact length as the contact hole depth.

C) Crimping variants:

Depending on the tool, the following crimpings are allowed:

  1. Cross or four-jaw crimping::
    The upper crimping wedge should be set on the same level as the center of the contact width side.
  2. Hexagonal crimping:
    The crimping at (1) and (2) should take place from the contact end (cable entry) to prevent the cable from being partially pushed out if it is inserted carelessly.

D) Execution:

For all crimpings, care must be taken to ensure that the longitudinal axis of the contact is not bent and that the contact sleeve does not show any outwardly protruding change in the original circumference. Otherwise, the flexibility of the contact will no longer be ensured by bumping against the inner wall of the plug; this could impair the smooth start of operation.

E) Recommended tools:

  • for C) - 1) Cross crimping: e.g. Anderson VC-7
  • for C) - 2) Hexagonal crimping: e.g. Rema/Claws

Mechanical crimping tool for exchangeable press inserts

Article no.Pliers versionCrimping formCrimping section
55800-00mechanical*WMS-Type10 mm² - 95 mm²
58007-00hydraulicWMS-Type10 mm² - 95 mm²
57003-00hydraulic*WMS-Type10 mm² - 95 mm²

* Delivery only in connection with transport case #5700692


Tool inserts for SB-/SBX-/SBE connectors

Article no. Contact / ConductorUse with pliers
69879-6010 mm²58007-00
69879-6216 mm²58007-00
69879-6325 mm²58007-00
69879-6435 mm²58007-00
69879-6550 mm²58007-00
69879-6770 mm²58007-00
69879-6895 mm²58007-00
69879-61AWG 6 (13,30 mm²)58007-00
69879-64AWG 1/0 (53,50 mm²)58007-00
69879-66AWG 2/0 (67,43 mm²)58007-00
69879-69AWG 3/0 (85,01 mm²)58007-00
55863-0010 mm²55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-2216 mm²55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-2325 mm²55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-2435 mm²55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-2550 mm²55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-1970 mm²55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-2895 mm²55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-21AWG 6 (13,30 mm²)55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-24AWG 1/0 (53,50 mm²)55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-26AWG 2/0 (67,43 mm²)55800-00 and 57003-00
55863-29AWG 3/0 (85,01 mm²)55800-00 and 57003-00

Mechanical crimping tool for fixed press inserts

Article no. Pliers version Application with
1351G1mechanicalPP 15A/30A
1351G2mechanicalPP 45A
1352G1mechanicalPP 75A/SB50/SBE80
1374mechanicalPP 10A


Mechanical hand pliers with fixed press inserts

Article no.ContactsCable cross section AWG in mm²Application with
1309G11202G1#14 - 16 (2.5-1.3)PP 10A
1309G11203G1#14 - 16 (2.5-1.3)PP 10A
1309G21331#12 - 16 (4-0-1.3)PP 15A/30A
1309G21332#16 - 20 (2.5-1.3)PP 15A/30A
1309G3261G2-LPBK#10 - 14 (5.3-2.5)PP 45A
1309G41307#6 (16.0)PP 75A/SB50/SBE80
1309G45900#6 (16.0)PP 75A/SB50/SBE80
1309G45915#10 - 12 (6.0-4.0)PP 75A/SB50/SBE80
1309G45952#8 (10.0)PP 75A/SB50/SBE80
1309G4903G1#8 (16.0)PP 75A/SB50/SBE80
1309G4904G1#10 - 12 (6.0-4.0)PP 75A/SB50/SBE80
1309G480S1616,0 mm²PP 75A/SB50/SBE80

Further tools and inserts on request